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We are - a group of doctors from different schools and countries decided to amuse our career and to provide a medical service mixed with the nice flavor of tourism and removing any resistant a from the ordinary taste and smell of medicine. 

  • We are sure that we can change your point of view.


  • We welcome your feedback always as it is our thermometer.


  • We are keen to provide our clients with the best - nothing less.

Medistars started working in the field of assistance for tourists and insurance companies since 2008.


Russian Federation is a touristic destination for millions of people all over the world. We are always ready to help patients get the right and effective type of treatment for all types of illnesses till surgeries or emergencies.


We offer high quality medical care through our network of service providers.

MediStars call center professional team of multilingual operators is ready to receive all types of request 24/7. With a quick response to provide the help needed.

An average of 5 minutes to call back the insured person after receiving the request.

A continuous follow up and support to the clients even after the treatment; interpretations from hospitals or clinics.

Our services include the following:

  • Medical consultation.

  • Complex emergency evacuation.

  • Payment guarantee.

  • Monitoring of treatment.

  • Medical reports preparation.

  • Hospital admission from receiving till discharge.

  • Settling payments for service providers.

  • Advance payment of medical expenses whenever needed.

  • Medical escort (Ordinary, ICU ambulance and air ambulance).

  • Arranging hotel reservations.

For any legal process and step from simple advice to complicated court cases,

We are handling all kinds of national and international legal claims through our contacts even client may think it is far away through our professional and reliable contacts.


Our extensive network of professional and successful lawyers and advocates are working to provide our client with best advices and are ready to interfere in any kind of legal procedures to keep rights of the client anywhere and anytime.

There is a golden rule that we believe in which says that always there is high quality services to add and less cost to pay.

One of our missions is to control costs for insurers without losing the high quality feature of our services.

Sometimes Service should be introduced in through immediate mobilization of skilled and experts’ team who work to put an action plan in place, leveraging our proprietary tools adding that our Global and local networks are using different strategies to control cost of Medical care.

We can get discounts for Clients' invoices through our relationships with service providers.

We are always in the market and we thoroughly collect information and price lists for the services introduced on the territory and in a continuous process to get the best service for the best possible cost.

Case-by-case negotiation whenever needed and bill evaluation by our qualified and polite team is our clue to solve any hard case.

Medical Escort services is one of the important files we are managing in some areas through our facilities and in other areas through our network of strong local service providers and in other destinations through using services from our international co-partners.

We are authorized to be in charge of the entire process from the initial stage until the deceased is at the funeral home of choice with daily email updates and a dedicated hotline for any information required.

The service includes (any step is available separately):

  • Personal consultation with the family and the company

  • All documentations and attestations required locally

  • Oversee the embalming process and transportation requirements

  • En-coffining

  • Air-cargo

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